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StreamS and StreamGuys Partner Up

Delaney: “HLS is getting a whole lot better with CMAF”

StreamGuys, SGPlayer
SGplayer, showing HLS with embedded in-stream album art. SGplayer is StreamGuys’ media player.

Radio broadcasters that also stream audio are one of the business segments targeted by an alliance of StreamS and StreamGuys.

They said they’re working together to provide “next-generation, high-performance live audio streaming using fully compliant standards-based CMAF HLS for low-latency, adaptive-bitrate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).”

They said they can offer a reliable and scalable streaming solution with remarkable audio quality, noting that CMAF HLS is the technology used by video providers for OTT and other direct-to-consumer services. StreamS provides encoder software, systems and pro audio processing. StreamGuys provides server infrastructure for content delivery as well as business analytics; reporting software for logging, compliance and audience measurement; and eventual ad insertion options.

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They said that the standardized container of the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) allows content providers to reach more types of devices with a single file set. This, they say, results in more efficient content delivery, reduces streaming costs and increases audience. They said they’re partnering to bring these benefits to audio providers including radio broadcasters that want to expand their streaming presence.

They said that CMAF HLS allows users to scale with greater strength and cost efficiency than with older protocols and “leverage the latest high-efficiency codecs, such as xHE-AAC and the broader AAC family, to cover everything from high-quality voice to high-quality 7.1 surround. The ability to stream real-time extensible metadata alongside pristine audio adds greater value for content providers and audiences.”

Kiriki Delany, president of StreamGuys, was quoted in the announcement saying, “HLS is getting a whole lot better with CMAF. We are excited to support ultra-low latency and simplify deploying HLS.” (The press release contains more detailed comments from Delany on the technical benefits.)

Greg Ogonowski is president of StreamS-Modulation Index.