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Studio Float Launches IsoRafts

IsoRafts is a new line of vibration isolation products

Studio Float, IsoRafts, acoustic treatment, vibration decoupling products
Studio Float IsoRafts vibration isolation products

Studio Float is offering IsoRafts, a new line of wood and silicone vibration isolation products.

Intended to be an inexpensive sound-absorbing solution, the line is centered around simple “blocks” constructed from wood and silicone, which reportedly provide accurate predictive acoustic performance. The line is geared towards studio designers and builders for private or commercial production/performance venue projects.

According to Studio Float, IsoRafts are intended to make a space more acoustically efficient, and are to prevent sound from leaking into adjacent areas, in turn isolating a facility from the outside world.

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During a facility’s construction phase, the IsoRafts get attached directly to the side of studs and joists using standard fastening techniques. The aim is to decouple floors, walls and ceilings from a main structure, effectively “floating” them and preventing sound transfer between spaces.

Three types are available: Deck IsoRafts (for floors) are available in three sizes (2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch) and height options of low 1-1/4-inch height profile or high 2-1/4-inch profile for handling underfloor cabling. Meanwhile, Wall IsoRafts feature a 1/4-inch offset to provide an air gap, and Ceiling IsoRafts are available for use with hanging acoustical panels or with a threaded rod insert. The Wall IsoRaft may also be use in a ceiling application.

All IsoRaft products are designed and built in Hanover, Mass., and tested at Riverlab Acoustical Laboratories in Illinois. Prices per IsoRaft range from $7.65 to $11.70.

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