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RCS Releases Updates

GSelector and NexGen Digital add features, swat bugs

Software automation developer RCS has released updates for a pair of its programs.

The NexGen automation platform is up to version 2.11.1. The highlights of the upgrade are built-in interfaces with Wheatstone G3 consoles, a WheatNet IP Blade interface and some drivers for Axia products. There are also some “Classical Mode” enhancements.

Version 3.17 of the GSelector music scheduling program is now available.

An RCS press release explains: “Enhancements include an advanced mode for the History Maps which shows quarter hour plots for songs or links, artists, vocalists and artist groups simultaneously. Also implemented are legacy Selector options for time ranges spanning multiple days. Select block, wrap or grid to give you precise control over how date ranges are interpreted and applied in all date-dependent areas of GSelector.”

Also included in the latest version is automatic updating of the Scheduled and Unscheduled displays across active workstation windows.