SBE Operator Handbooks Go Digital

Society adds new platform for its radio and TV operator’s reference
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Some people like print; some people prefer digital. The Society of Broadcast Engineers now accommodates both with its handbooks for radio and television operators. Look for SBE to expand its digital offerings further.

The SBE Television Operators Handbook and the SBE Handbook for Radio Operators can now be purchased in digital edition at and and read using the Kindle- and Nook-capable devices and apps.

Purchase of the digital version of either book does not include the corresponding SBE operator certification exam, which is available through the SBE website. SBE says the combined cost of the digital book and the separate exam is the same as the cost for the traditional paper book that includes the exam.

Society President Ralph Hogan said SBE plans to put out more materials in digital form. “Providing both will offer options to the broadcast engineer who routinely uses electronic devices in their daily jobs.” 


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