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Shortwave Supports Secure Digital Communications

Taking advantage of its long-distance capabilities, the established technology has a new mission

The author is head of sales and marketing for the Ampegon Group.

TURGI, SWITZERLAND — There are many innovative ways the industry can use shortwave broadcasting to provide secure data transmission and high-speed communications.

The modern world increasingly requires available real-time secure communications between centralized locations and often to many receivers in unknown locations thousands of kilometers away.

The reasons for this are endless. It might be to allow for critical software updates, transfer sensitive business information, or to disseminate warnings or instructions as quickly as possible.

Information transfer via the internet or via fiber optic cable was once the reference. However, the use of such technology means that the information is only delivered to fixed points. In addition, the use of third-party infrastructures provides a security risk and increases transport cost.

Today, near-instant communication to unknown, remote receivers using shortwave is being developed as a new secure means of communications without the need for external providers, delivering signals directly to multiple, or even mobile, destinations regardless of fixed infrastructure. Messages may be dispatched much faster, thus for situations where time is critical, each additional second could be profitable and even save lives.

Ampegon supplies turnkey broadcast solutions based around its TSW-2000 series of transmitters and station auxiliaries to provide secure, near-instantaneous communication capabilities quickly and efficiently. Ampegon antennas can direct information point-to-point or cover entire continents.

In addition, users can preprogram automatic remote transmitter operation or control it over IP, ensuring necessary channels are open before the critical message even arrives. This way, critical information can be delivered anywhere on the planet with less than a second’s notice.

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