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Shure Promises a Smarter Wireless Approach

NAB Sneak Peek

Microphone maker Shure Inc. will have a new wireless microphone system to show NAB attendees in April, called Axient.

To counter increasingly crowded RF environments, the Axient system has the ability to change frequencies during operation automatically, without being noticed by the user. It also has frequency diversity along with Shure’s Spectrum Manager for monitoring local frequencies and anticipating problem spots.

Pricing hasn’t been set yet; the system ships mid-year.

Erik Vaveris, category director for Wireless Products, says Spectrum Manager “functions as an air traffic controller for the system.” When the receiver’s interference detection and avoidance feature senses interference, the manager assigns a new frequency that it knows is clean. “The frequency is deployed to the transmitter by the ShowLink wireless access point, and the transmitter and receiver execute a synchronized frequency change in a matter of milliseconds, making it virtually undetectable.”

He called it the first wireless microphone system that can detect interference and avoid it automatically, helping engineers who otherwise would have to tolerate dropouts or run a backup mic to the talent.

Axient utilizes Shure’s ShowLink remote control system for managing mics and receivers via a receiver or a laptop. It also has Shure’s Wireless Workbench app for system maintenance. Axient battery packs use Li-ion batteries that are spec’ed to have no memory effect.
NAB Show Booth: C1928