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Sonifex Exhibits Digital Silence Detection Unit

Redbox product reflects move to digital audio chains

The Sonifex Redbox RB-DSD1 digital silence detection unit operates in a similar way to the company’s RB-SD1 analog silence detection unit but has AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSlink inputs and outputs instead of analog inputs and output respectively.

“Designed to switch from one input to another in the event of loss of audio, the unit is ideal at transmitter sites, or after the master output of a studio, to switch in another audio source, or simultaneous broadcast, should a master source fail,” the manufacturer stated.

Managing Director Marcus Brooke said the new unit (PDF) was requested by customers who are using purely digital audio for their broadcast transmissions and need to switch digital sources on sensing silence of their main signal.

“The RB-DSD1 is programmable to account for a number of different switching situations and the free of charge SCi remote control software offers even more flexibility,” he continued.

The unit can switch on loss of level of the main input, on loss of level on one channel of the main input or on loss of synchronization lock of the main input. It has 2 x digital stereo audio inputs and outputs, with each input selectable via front-panel INPUT1 and INPUT 2 push buttons, from either AES/EBU balanced XLRs, S/PDIF unbalanced phonos or TOSlink unbalanced optical inputs. Sample rate converters on each input mean that sources of different sample rates can be used with the output sample rate being defined independently.

Each input is user-defined as either the main source or auxiliary source and both sources are monitored for failure, each having a remote failure alarm.

Also featured at the Sonifex booth are the new SignalLED range of illuminated studio signs for studio installers; the latest Reference Monitor 1U rack-mount audio monitor with Dolby Decoding; and two new confidence monitors.

Booth: N3217