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That Beautiful Sound Can Be Yours

Vintage equipment for sale, including Fairchild, Neumann and RCA

Dave Malekpour with an RCA 77, a beast of a microphone, and a Fairchild 670, a broadcast standard 50 years ago.

Vinyl is all the rage these days and retro is always in. If you feel some of your programming is a little thin-sounding, why not go back to square one?

Used and vintage audio gear dealer Professional Audio Design is having a “Private Sale” of a collection of audio gear that a client is offloading. This is a fairly substantial collection, heavy on classic microphones.

Included is a large collection of Neumann mics — U 47, U 67, etc., plus an M 49 Decca Trio. There is a handful of original Telefunken ELAMs, AKG C12s and more along with a pair of RCA 77s.

On the processor side are original Neve, Calrec and Universal Audio pieces plus a pair of Fairchild 670s, barely used.

PAD’s Dave Malekpour said, “The collection represents a huge range of gear and classic mics that every studio, broadcaster or artist would find exceptional. From Decca, to AKG and Neumann to Church and RCA, the classic era of mics is well represented. We have gone through each piece with fine tooth comb and the photography shows the handiwork and craft of the era. It’s been exciting to represent this unique collection that we expect to find homes in studios of discriminating buyers!”

The downloadable catalog itself, a must for an audio gearhead, is nice and includes some great technical and restoration info.

So if you’ve been wanting to “upgrade” the studio with something proven in the past … here’s your chance.