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Waves Launches Loudness Meter Plug-In

Soft meter offers multiple scales and compatibility with international standards

Waves, the software sound processing plug-in maker, offers a range of studio toys. But it also has maintained an active broadcast processing interest.

The most recent product from that section is the Waves Loudness Meter, which is, as its name states, a loudness meter plug-in designed to work within Waves software environments.

The WLM reads out Momentary, Short Term, Long Term and True Peak time scale readings. It also has “overs” and “unders” along with offering logging records, weighting options and low-pass, high-pass filters.

Thanks to multichannel capabilities the WLM can handle mono, stereo and 5.1 surround signals. The WLM is fully compatible with current ATSC (A/85), EBU (R-128) and ITU (ITU-R BS.1770-2) specifications.

Waves has an introductory price of $299, with an eventual price of $400.