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WYCT Goes with Rohde & Schwarz Transmitter for HD Radio

THR9 transmitter is liquid-cooled

Pensacola, Fla.’s WYCT(FM) has chosen to install a Rohde & Schwarz THR9 transmitter with an HD Radio section for a major station refurbishment.

The station’s old transmitter is 43 years old, inefficient and air-cooled. The THR9 is more efficient and offers liquid cooling. Due to its liquid-cooled architecture and compact size, the THR9 will not require any air conditioning, a money-saving positive in the hot and humid Florida Panhandle. 

Signal efficiency is also expected to improve pattern coverage. Another benefit for the station is that the HD Radio option will allow it to multicast a sister AM, WNRP, on one of the HD subchannels.

Expected on-air date is July.