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The Power of Sound Reinforcement Takes the Stage at the AES Milan Convention

— Loudspeakers, networking and unique listening experiences are among the Sound Reinforcement presentations taking place at AES Milan —

New York, NY — Whether presenting a live performance, playback of recorded audio, or other audible signal to an immediate audience, sound reinforcement plays a key role in the efficiency and perception in which the sound is received. The upcoming AES Milan Convention, taking place 23-26 May at the NH Hotel Milano Congress Centre in Milan, Italy, will offer an inside look and the opportunity to listen to some of the most talked-about topics in the industry while presenting the latest in research and innovations in sound reinforcement technology. With less than a month until the convention, now is the time to register and receive the advance registration rate through 1 May.

One of the most talked-about and widely-implemented technologies in today’s sound reinforcement industry is networked audio systems. With an ever-emerging variety of network formats available, the AES Milan Convention’s Networked Audio Track will focus on AES’s “Rosetta Stone” standard, AES67, which allows disparate Ethernet audio network protocols to share networked digital audio. AES67 is also the audio carrier format for the new SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks suite of standards, which is expected to be broadly adopted in applications where it’s advantageous that audio and video share a network, such as in broadcast production workflows. The Tutorial “AES67 & ST2110 – An Overview” will address the ramifications and limitations of the marriage of the two Standards. Additional AES67-related sessions include “AES67 Practical — A Guide on How to Set Up AES67 Networks” and “AES67 in Real World Applications.” The workshop “Beyond AES67, a Better and Unified Experience of the Audio Network” will cover network applications beyond audio transport, including monitoring and the AES67 companion AES70 Standard for networked system control.

Acoustic analysis and measurement – cornerstones of sound reinforcement research and development – also hold a leading role in AES Milan presentations. Sessions cover topics including audio systems tuning, equalization and processing, transducer design, automotive applications and more. The tutorial “Hearing the Past: Using Acoustic Measurement Techniques and Computer Models to Study Heritage Sites” will further explore how acoustics measurement and modeling techniques help enhance our knowledge of how our ancestors heard performances in connection to the acoustics of the performance spaces and the surrounding soundscapes.

Other specialized sound reinforcement workshops and tutorials include a wide range of presentations, from “Perceptual and Physical Evaluation of Guitar Loudspeakers” and “Styling Your Live and Recorded Classical, Jazz, and Acoustic Ensemble Sound,” to other technology-driven topics such as “Power Amplification for High Resolution Audio” and “Live Sound Subwoofer System Optimization.” Additional listening session tutorials being held on Saturday of the convention include “Icosahedral Loudspeaker Listening Session (IKO)” and “Surround with Depth Listening Session on IEM Loudspeaker Cubes” experiences.

The AES Milan Convention committee has also announced, as part of its Special Events series, a presentation by AES President and sound reinforcement pioneer David Scheirman titled “Back to the Future, a Technology Project Review: Outdoor Sound Reinforcement of Symphony and Opera for Extremely Large Audiences,” taking place on Friday, 25 May at 11:15. Scheirman will outline how he led a team to deploy and operate a futuristic outdoor sound reinforcement system serving audiences up to 200,000, while pioneering innovative and advanced technologies in design attributes and operating principles.

Register now for the AES Milan Convention at and make plans to join us for the complete technical program of Sound Reinforcement events, as well as workshops, tutorials, gear exhibition and more covering all things audio.