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Henry Engineering SportsCaster Simplifies Play-by-Play

Henry Engineering is pleased to announce SportsCaster, a new product that simplifies the audio of play-by-play sports broadcasts. It’s ideal for both radio, TV, and webcasting.

SportsCaster manages all aspects of play-by-play audio. It’s the “one-box solution” that mixes the announcers’ mics, controls and distributes headphone audio for talent, producer, and camera operators, and provides an intercom for efficient back-channel communication between everyone.

SportsCaster works with Henry Engineering’s Sports Pod announcer stations, and integrates these functions in one easy-to-use unit. SportsCaster has facilities for 3 announcers, a Field Reporter, crowd mic, and other sources. In addition to the main Program output (for “air” or streaming) there are separate, dedicated headphone outputs for the Announcers, a Field Reporter, Camera operators and the Producer. All Headphone outputs can be custom-mixed to suit each user and minimize confusion.

SportsCaster includes a comprehensive Intercom system that allows back-channel communication for the entire broadcast team. The Intercom system provides selective communication for everyone, yet is intuitive and easy to operate. The Producer can give cues to the Announcers and/or Field reporter, while simultaneously “calling the shots” to the Camera operators. Each broadcast team member hears only what is necessary without hearing comms intended for someone else. This minimizes confusion, especially when dealing with inexperienced announcers and techs.

SportsCaster is a compact 1-RU unit, and can be installed in a few minutes using standard cabling. It eliminates the need for multiple mixers, headphone amps, distribution systems, and complicated wiring.

SportsCaster is now in stock; it’s available from all Henry Engineering dealers.

The list price is $1,295.

Detailed information is available at