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A Summary of DAB Progress to Date

World DAB President Patrick Hannon gave a run-down

LOS ANGELES � I recently read World DAB President Patrick Hannon�sAugust blog entryand thought it might be nice to summarize the status of DAB in many European countries, as he sees it, adding just a few milestones of my own.�

A quick look at DAB news worldwide thus far:

  • �� � ��Norway�s FM switch-off is still scheduled to begin Jan. 11, 2017
  • �� � ��Switzerland is contemplating an FM switch-off, possibly as early as 2020
  • �� � ��By the end of 2016, the number of DAB multiplex transmitters in Germany will reach 110. The Bundesmux will then reach 80% of the population �in-doors� and approximately 95% of the �out-of-doors.� The motorways are expected to reach nearly 100% coverage.�
  • �� � ��In the UK there is�growth in digital listening,with the latest results from Rajar showing that 45% of radio listening is on a digital device
  • �� � ��France�s CSA has solicited for broadcasters wanting to make use of DAB+ in the French cities of Strasbourg, Lille, and Lyon. They would join Paris, Nice and Marseille.
  • �� � ��It�s expected that the national multiplex network in Italy will cover 85% of the country�s population in 2017.
  • �� � ��The Netherlands has completed the rollout of its nationwide public radio DAB+ mux and is now in the process of improving indoor coverage.
  • �� � ��Denmark has announced that a new commercial DAB+ multiplex will be on the air next year
  • �� � ��Slovenia issued a tender in January, soliciting those potentially interested in DAB+
  • �� � ��Also in January, Romania launched a public consultation on use of band lll for DAB
  • �� � � �An existing DAB+ trial in Slovakia has been extended from one city to five
  • �� � ��The DAB+ trial in Vienna has just celebrated its first anniversary