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ACX DAB Antenna Debuts in Norway

Switchon AS has developed a DAB splitter/amplifier combo that goes between the old FM whip and the DAB radio/adapter

OSLO � Many listeners claim there is poor coverage on the DAB network, but it’s often the antennas that are inadequate.

Experts say that the car�s old, external FM whip antenna in combination with a new Norwegian product can improve DAB reception conditions.

Norway�s national communications authority (NKOM) supports this.�In their tests of DAB antennas and car receivers, they stated that “whip antennas generally have the best performance,�but most glass antennas also provide good coverage,”�as quoted in�

External antennas are always better than internal and it�s a bonus if they are mounted on the car roof, as any ham that will tell you. The trouble with many antennas on the inside of the windshield is that they are installed horizontally, making them quite directional, which isn�t ideal.

Together with Audiocom AS from Kristiansand, the Norwegian company Switchon AS has developed a new DAB splitter/amplifier combo that goes between the old FM whip on the car and the new DAB radio/adapter.�It can be installed in most cars, and the technology is specifically adapted to Norwegian conditions, according to the same article. The product is known as the ACX DAB antenna.

Estimated retail price will be in the range of 600-800 kroner (US$95�$125), and if you are a little handy, you can install the ACX DAB yourself.