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More DAB+ Progress in Ukraine, Belgium & France

Digital radio deployments have been greenlit in Europe

GENEVA — In Kiev, on June 15, DAB+ broadcasting started, according to At present, seven radio stations are available for reception: Promin, Kultura, Old Fashioned Radio, Meidan, Radio Mariya, Kraina FM and Hype Radio.

In Belgium, regulations that will allow the development of a new frequency plan for analog radio stations, while opening the way for the deployment of digital radio (DAB+) in French-speaking Belgium, were approved in the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, reports This news did elaborate on the specifics of how they will affect digital broadcasting there in the near future.

The French are fans of radio, with about 850 stations available nationwide. It remains the preferred medium for information in the morning, with 43 million daily listeners, according to More recently, a revealed that for 94% of French people, access to radio was a universal right; but at the same time, about 75% of the population knows nothing about digital radio, at least according to France’s CSA.

The CSA has announced a new strategy to “relaunch” the deployment of DAB+ in France. Development will be more tactical with tenders issued nationwide for more profitable areas (major cities and major highways and motorways), according to the same article. The long-term objective is to cover 30 regions and to go from 20–70% coverage of the country by 2020.