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FCC Releases Consumer Broadband Labels

Designed to help consumers make informed decisions

WASHINGTON�In an effort to provide consumers of broadband Internet service with easy-to-understand information about price and performance, the FCC has unveiled�new broadband labels.

FCC Chairman Tom�Wheeler displayed the new labels at an event on Monday, April 4.

The consumer broadband labelswill now feature price points, including charges like overage, equipment, early termination and administrative fees; data allowances; and performance of broadband speeds and other metrics.

The FCC�s Open Internet transparency rules require broadband Internet access service providers to disclose the above information to consumers in an “accurate, understandable and easy-to-find manner.� This new format is not mandated by the FCC, but is recommended.

The labels�design (an example released by the FCC is shown at right) was based off of the nutrition labels found on food.