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German Broadcaster Lauds Introduction of LG2 With DAB+

Schreiner believes the introduction of the LG2 will be of benefit to the development of DAB+ radio

MUNICH, Germany�The managing director of DRD Digital Radio Germany GmbH, Willi Schreiner, was recently interviewed in on the topic of DAB+ and smartphones. You can read theentire interview here, but I�ve included some of its most important parts, below.

Schreiner believes theintroduction of the LG2will be of benefit to the development of DAB+ radio.�The mobile phone market is of course a very important market for the DAB + development.�Although we know that currently most radio listening happens through a normal radio, the mobile phone is a widely used receiver, especially among the younger generation,� he said.�

Still, mobile phone manufacturers seem reluctant still to include DAB+ apps in their mobile phone products. �Mobile phone companies have a different business model � they are interested in the sale of data, not the free distribution of broadcast radio.�Therefore, presumably, not all mobile phone companies will jump on this train, because in their view, they see no great advantage in business.�Maybe they should note, however, that the use of broadcast technology via mobile phone affects their contract customers positively,� he said. �In Paris (the LG2 phone) was impressively demonstrated for what it adds to a mobile phone.� For example, the presentation of the Fraunhofer Institute for Emergency Warning System was very important.�In an emergency situation, via the digital radio system � now also via mobile phone � the appropriate listeners are fully informed, in a preselected language.�Especially in emergency situations, such as bombings, wireless, and hence the mobile Internet, is no longer available. However, DAB + enables the complete dissemination of information to the population, in any language, whether Turkish, Arabic, English or Hindi.�

Regarding the immediate future of DAB+ on mobile phones, Schreiner commented thus: �We are only at the beginning, but I am convinced that the cost argument plays a crucial role. �Broadcast technology and radio programs are always free, while Internet streams are always associated with costs and the cost of the so-called �flat rates� will not be cheaper, quite the opposite. The mobile entrepreneurs are always looking for a way to generate more surfing, as recently became clear. �If the new mobile networks are to be built up slowly from 2020, this is clearly associated with higher costs.� Schreiner also said that his group will continue to promote DAB+ technology in all areas, while encouraging more mobile phone manufacturers to incorporate this technology.