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German Public Broadcasters Improve DAB+ Signals

Tech improvements improve sound quality, data rate

BERLIN�Two German public broadcasters have been able to make technical improvements in their digital radio offerings.

Deutschlandradio Kulturlast September switched from DAB to DAB+, which improved the sound quality of the station because of the improved codec used in DAB+.� The latest change is an increase in the data rate, from 96 kbps to 112 kbps, along with more extensive error correction, according

Deutschlandradiohas increased its bandwidth to 96 kbps from 88 kbps. �Deutschlandradio Kultur and DRadio are both received via the national multiplex channel on channel 5C.

In the near future, coverage of the DAB+ network across Germany will be expanded.�This year there will be 24 new transmitters; in 2016, a further 25; and in 2017 at least another 10. The national DAB+ network covers 63.4 percent of the German population outdoors, and coverage indoors is at about 58 percent.�