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Paris to Host WorldDAB General Assembly

La Lettre will cover the event live

PARIS � WorldDAB has chosen Paris as the location of its next General Assembly. For two days, Nov. 7�8, the topic will be Digital Terrestrial Radio. The General Assembly will bring together over 200 digital radio experts to discuss the future of radio, DAB + deployments around the world, and a European vision of digital radio. “It is time for countries to work together to deploy DAB digital radio. Receiver prices continue to fall, car manufacturers are using DAB as standard, the DSO process is underway and politicians are working more European level “says WorldDAB (quoted in lalettre).

The speed of deployment of DAB + in new cities across France is expected to accelerate under the impetus of the CSA. Worldwide, more than 2,000 DAB services are currently available, with more than 55 million receivers sold.

The agenda for the General Assembly is as follows:

Day one:

  • DAB+ in Europe: More and more broadcasters across Europe are migrating from FM to DAB+. This session looks at their motivations in doing so, the level of political support, and why they see the move to digital radio as advantageous for the listener.
  • DAB+ in France:The development of digital radio in France is at a critical stage.�DAB+ services are on air in Paris, Nice and Marseille, and new services are expected soon in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg. The regulator in France, the CSA, is keen to accelerate these developments and has recently undertaken a public consultation:�’Accelerating the local roll-out of DAB+ and how to organize metropolitan applications’.

Day two:

  • Digital switchover � getting the listener to follow:This session reports on the impact on listening of Norway’s digital switchover from FM to DAB+, and considers the lessons learnt from the DSO process. Speakers will share what have been some of the biggest challenges, and explain how the lessons learned from Norway can make digital radio adoption easier in other countries.
  • The evolving business case for DAB+:We see interesting new developments that show how DAB+ is energizing the radio industry, offering broadcasters the opportunity to grow audiences and revenue, automotive suppliers the ability to integrate radio in the connected vehicle while offering data services and communicating with their drivers, and new players the ability to enter the radio market with targeted�content offerings.
  • The consumer’s DAB+ journey:The consumer is at the center of the DAB+ journey, from awareness of digital radio to buying a DAB+ receiver, using a radio at home and in the car and finding new stations – this session looks at how the consumer is the center of the DAB+ industry.
  • A look further into the future with DAB+: The radio market is evolving and more importantly the future of radio in the car is changing. How can digital radio innovate to stay prominent in the car alongside different competing platforms? What do the experts from different markets, and from different parts of the industry, see as the future for DAB?

During these two days, Radio Pro’s Letter Pro team will cover the event with the technical support of RadioKing. During the program, the live broadcast of an audio stream as well as the production of numerous podcasts will occur, according to lalettre. This coverage will be produced using RadioKing’s intuitive StudioKing software.

As the General Assembly draws near, we�ll publish a link to the show. For more information on the WorldDAB General Assembly and to register, visit