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Ukraine Will Build 10-Channel DAB Multiplex for Kiev

Ukraine’s National Council says 10 Kiev radio stations will broadcast in DAB, three of which will be reserved for public broadcasting

KIEV, Ukraine — On March 29, Ukraine’s National Council announced the results of the competition for digital radio broadcasting in Kiev: 10 radio stations are to broadcast in DAB, with three of those being dedicated to public broadcasting, according to

All eight of the companies that entered the competition were granted the right to broadcast in digital radio standard in Kiev. The multiplex proposed for competition has 14 channels but there were no applications for the remaining four. The National Council decided to terminate the competition for those.

Member of the National Council Serhii Kostynskyi remarked that the regulatory authority was preparing for this event for quite some time, and in particular, it has been very active in the last two years — issues such as the possibility of importing transmitters, and participation of the industry were discussed, according to the same article. Chairman of the National Council Iurii Artemenko said that the regulator will announce the competition for the remaining two seats in the multiplex at the next meeting.

The digital broadcasting licenses have been granted to broadcasters for the period of seven years.

WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon said, in a message marking the occasion, “…One of the questions I’m often asked is: ‘Well, this is all very interesting but…Why? Why are people doing this?’ Well, the short answer is that radio, if it is to remain relevant in the 21st century, needs to innovate. And the basic problem it has with FM is that FM spectrum is full. So, there’s no extra capacity — which makes innovation extremely difficult. And that’s where DAB+ comes in,” also quoted in