The Leslie Report

Feds Serious About Dashboard Distraction
NHSTA proposes voluntary guidelines to curb phone-related, Web browsing activities in moving vehicles More

Survey: HD Radio ‘Knowledge Gap’ Persists
Mark Kassof finds 54% of respondents have ‘heard of’ HD Radio, down from 2008. More

In-Car Entertainment Systems Evolve
Meanwhile, Internet radio gains ground in-dash, some would say at expense of traditional radio More

Leslie’s Tales From the CES Floor
Harman has its 'Aha!' moment; talking HD radios from the future; more on the cellphone/HD Radio marriage and Lucky’s sells beer. More

The Good, Bad & Ugly of National EAS Test Dissected
Industry representatives discuss areas to focus on in wake of national test More

Walden: National Test Proved EAS ‘Sort of’ Works
Federal officials give legislators some early numbers; so far about 8 out of 10 stations could receive and retransmit it More

First Nationwide EAS Test Is Today
How satellite TV will handle the test is a curiosity to broadcasters More

Improving Asymmetrical HD Sideband Approval Process
IBOC proponents press FCC with WKLB field-test results More

Nevada Tests EAS
Minor problems, but overall ‘a good experience,’ says SECC chair More

Translator Hopping Defined
Not subtle pattern, says Doyle More

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