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SBE Candidate Profile: Jim Leifer

Learn about those on the ballot for the 2016 board of directors

The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced the candidates for its 2016 board elections in June. Ahead of voting, which begins next week, we�re profiling the candidates to learn more about those on the ballot.

Jim Leifer is a candidate for vice president. He is vice president of engineering for iHeartMedia South Florida. He has been an SBE member for 30 years and is certified CPBE. He has served as a board member for several years and has also served as the national secretary for four years. He has also served on several committees during this period.


Radio magazine: If elected, what would you like to see SBE do differently than it does now?

Jim Leifer:I think we need to expand and our focus on the mentorship program and recruiting the IT staff in broadcast facilities.

Radio: The FCC has asked for comment on whether there is an increasing spectrum noise problem and if so, what it should do about it. How would you answer that?

Leifer:We are working on a response to that. The SBE filled comments which specifically addressed this.�

Radio: Should SBE play a more active role in technical standards-setting for issues like digital radio? Why or why not?

Leifer:The SBE is focused on the education and training of its members. I think the Webinars and SBE University have opened the education door for any and all.

Radio: For decades we�ve heard the question �Where will the next generation of broadcast engineers come from?� What can SBE do, that it hasn�t done already?

Leifer:I have seen many posts and comments on this.� This cannot be solved easily.� From the top down in a broadcast facility the culture needs to be addressed. Making a priority to hire and train engineers needs to be dealt with.� We see many excellent engineers retiring and there is no one to replace them. Colleges and tech schools just aren�t offering the skill set needed to walk in and take over a facility. I hope we (the broadcast engineering community) can make this a topic to discuss with management. Let�s find a solution.

Radio: What else would you like voters to know about yourself or your stand on industry issues?

Leifer:I have been in TV and radio for over 30 years. I have had the pleasure to work with amazing people. I look forward to what will happen in the coming years. While challenges are in front of us, change is what we do.

The full slate of candidates for both officers and at-large board members can be found�here. Read more candidate profiles�here.

The election will take place July 25 through Aug. 25.