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RadioDNS Welcomes BMW as New Automotive Member

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is valuable in the connected car, the author says

Most of you have likely heard of RadioDNS, but for those who have not: RadioDNS is the not-for-profit membership organization which develops open standards for hybrid radio. RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is a seamless combination of broadcast radio in all its forms (FM, DAB, HD)and internet connectivity to create a powerful and functional distribution technology building upon existing broadcast infrastructure.�

The RadioDNS Hybrid Radio Project continues to grow its representation from the automotive sector. Alongside existing automotive sector members and members from across the entire broadcast radio sector in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, the BMW Group has now joined the project.

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is valuable in the connected car, where the existing integrated radio receiver can be enhanced by including additional functionality such as visuals, program information, bookmarking, on-demand audio, and voice control information drawn directly from broadcasters over the Internet.�

The RadioDNS technology standards are published by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), so manufacturers are reassured of their durability and that RadioDNS Hybrid Radio will be available to broadcasters globally to use for free. RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is the EBU�s (European Broadcasting Union, Geneva) recommended standard for hybrid radio in Europe. The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters, Washington D.C.) represents its members in the United States in the RadioDNS Project.

I�m aware of RadioDNS implementations in the UK and Germany, but I asked Nick Piggott, Project Director of RadioDNS, about other countries making use of it.� �RadioDNS is implemented in 19 European countries, plus Australia,� he said. You can see an updated listhere.

I also asked about the availability of receivers that support RadioDNS. �There’s a number of table-top radios that support RadioDNS now – either directly on the radio device, or for “multi-room” devices/speakers it’s supported in the controller app,� said Nick.� �TheRevo PiXiS RX�or theRoberts Radio Smart Radio rangewould be examples. There are alsoappsavailable for the LG Stylus 2 smartphone, which has integrated FM and DAB radio functionality and supports RadioDNS.� We’re hoping to be announcing RadioDNS as line-fit in automotive during 2017.�