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Commercial Radio’s Evolution

Watch this video, sent to us from Italy’s Eugenio Lateana, technical director, RTL 102.5

“Radio never failed to be radio,” emphasizes this video put together by Eugenio Lateana, technical director at RTL 102.5 in Milan.

Set within the context of Italy’s emerging commercial radio sector in the early 1970s, the video, which could be representative of many commercial stations worldwide, stresses the uniqueness of the medium and how it has succeeded in creating social interaction over the years, even before social media existed.

It highlights radio’s evolution and its — ceaseless — impact on audiences as it morphs and adjusts to the demands of the times through new technologies, pointing to digitization as being an obvious path forward. “Many people try to explain why radio should go digital,” Lateana adds. “Instead, there is no reason why it shouldn’t.”

Watch the video here in Italian or English.