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Full of Hot Air?

We succeed in spite of ignoramuses like Mr. Taylor.

As a 24-year employee of a growing and thriving small-market radio group, I can provide a compelling counterpoint to Scott Taylor’s cynical, misinformed, self-important, delusional opinions (“AM, Losing Its Grip on Reality,” Jan. 1).

For the record, four of our six stations are AM; we sit at real desks in our six office locations; our laptops are wireless.

We have state-of-the-art production and transmission equipment, talent that rivals — no, surpasses — many major markets and one of the brightest, most creative and savvy marketing teams in the country.

We succeed in spite of ignoramuses like Mr. Taylor trying to put a chink in the armor of one of perhaps the most timeless, cost-free, valuable information and entertainment industries in the world.

When another venue comes along that can go along on road trips, be used in offices without being considered goofing off, help people connect during times they are virtually cut off from the world by weather, immobility or other tragedy, and offer current information within a split second of it happening, and free to use, then maybe I’ll begin to worry … but I doubt it!

Paula Triplett
Station Manager
Finger Lakes Radio Group
Canandaigua, N.Y.