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Letter: Digital AM … Still Only One?

I give a resounding "NO" vote to all-digital AM

Dear Radio World:

First some background:  I grew up in a small city in Kentucky, where my first job was at the local radio station. It was only AM at the time.

When they got a CP for an FM station, I was in college. The best summer job that I ever had was building that FM station.

It is still on the air today, with the same ownership.

I regularly listen to the local news back in Kentucky from my current home 900 miles away. Radio: “The Sound Medium.” May it always be thus.

I give a resounding “NO” vote to all-digital AM.

One question in closing: Is there still only one all-digital AM in the U.S.?

If so, why only one??


Lewis D. Collins (Retired), Peabody, Mass.