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Letter: My Electric Vehicle Picks Up AM Just Fine

"If Chrysler can build a necessary filter, so could other automakers," says a reader

In this letter to the editor, the author responds to the recently-published commentary “A Threat Even Bigger Than No Car Radio.” Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

The article states, “Fact: electromagnetic fields generated in non-gasoline engines make AM virtually unlistenable.” Apparently Chrysler found a way around this issue because my 2021 Pacifica EV has a radio that receives AM just fine. I can even do some DXing with it at night. If Chrysler can build a necessary filter, so could other automakers.

The article goes on saying that manufacturers claim: “AM radio drains the batteries of their electric vehicles.” Really? Quick, get me an ammeter; I need to see for myself that the radio draws excessive current while tuned to 570-AM but not for 102.7-FM or Willy’s Roadhouse on satellite radio.

C’mon, Radio World, why publish stuff like this? My grandmother told me that paper lies still while we write anything on it. Please don’t make it yours.

– Jeremy Burnham
Life certified SBE Senior Broadcast Engineer
Extra Class WA6FEQ

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