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Letter: Thank You, SBE

David Bialik shares his experiences from this year's SBE Ennes Workshop

In this letter to the editor, the author shares his personal highlights from the 2024 NAB Show. Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

One of the gems of the 2024 convention was the Society of Broadcast Engineers two-day Ennes Workshop focused on Media over IP.  Yes, I was one of the co-chairs, but I can still be proud. The jam-packed event had 20 sessions focused on the topics with no sales presentations!

The sessions covered understanding IP basics, troubleshooting and implementation. Also, an understanding of SNMP, AOIP, codecs and network topology. There was an introduction to 2110 and discussions of various implementations.

Eduardo Martinez gave a great talk on using Wireshark and other tools to troubleshoot issues. And Javid Butler gave a hands-on demonstration of working with fiber optic cable! Chris Holbrook stressed the importance of documentation with Computer Aided Design. John Kean discussed Loudness control.

Besides all this we also heard from industry legends Bob Orban and Merrill Weiss.

This was two days well spent and no wonder it was sold out! I am not saying that other technical sessions were not this intense — but wow. Fred Willard and I organized this into sessions that we would want to attend, and it worked. The attendees were riveted to their seats the entire time. I am only sorry that I was too busy to attend the other Ennes Workshop on RF.

Thank you SBE for giving me the privilege of organizing and attending this.

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