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Letter: The FCC Has the Power to Manage AM Interference

"It is much better to stop the problem at the source," says a reader

In this letter to the editor, the author comments on the ongoing discussion surrounding the fate of AM radio on the car dash — more specifically, in electric vehicles. Here’s a recent story on the matter. Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

The Federal Communications Commission has the laws to control the emission of interference from electronic devices which is what an EV is. An interview with the [the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology] would add to the informed debate.

It is much better to stop the problem at the source with metal shielding around the power systems in vehicles along with good electrical filters on the output of the inverter which feeds the motor(s). Software Designed Receiver technology is used in infotainment systems and phones. It will work without filtering the incoming radio signals, but the addition of an input filter tuned to the required frequency is important in vehicles and long distance reception radios.

– Alan Hughes

Western Australia

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