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Letter: We Bonded Immediately

Remembering Bob du Treil Sr.

Bob du Treil, Robert du Treil
Robert du Treil Sr.

I had the privilege of knowing and working with Bob, and Ron Rackley, for over two decades. Their contributions to the AM band are phenomenal!

Bob and I traveled to conduct due diligence on Radio Aahs stations that were being sold to Radio Unica in the mid 1990s. I represented Radio Aahs, as VP of that organization, and Bob was retained by Radio Unica.

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We bonded immediately!

I will never forget the AM 1360 upgrade in Dallas, the system arrived set by Bob to theoretical parameters — it was connected, powered up and the monitor points were in! Bob Love It!

Bob did the tricky KATD AM 990  upgrade that provided an upgrade to second-adjacent KIQI AM 1010 in San Francisco — that was genius!

These are only two examples of the creative engineering that Bob (and Ron and Ben …) have provided to the AM band.

Jim Glogowski, LifeBridge Media Group