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‘Social Justice’

David Honig’s opinion piece left me stunned and insulted in a rapid double whammy

David Honig’s opinion piece (“Where’s the Social Justice in That,” Feb. 15) left me stunned and insulted in a rapid double whammy.

His statement not to advertise because you will have too many customers you don’t want? Huh? When’s the last time we had to worry about too many customers … unless you were giving away free TVs; and then that’s not a customer. Retail will take money. It’s green.

Then his whole implied notion that the banjo people should advertise on urban radio is about as sensible as chrome rims on bluegrass radio. Advertisers are trying to find an audience most likely to buy their product. Best results for least spent.

Mr. Honig’s PC piece will only accomplish one thing: bitterness and distrust. Most people are decent. This accusatorial take on the world is not good in the FCC or government or in life in general.

Jim Jenkins
Owner/General Manager
WAGS Radio
Bishopville, S.C.