Transmitter Power Supplies

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I commend you on your recent article “How Transmitter Power Supplies Evolved” in the Feb. 1 issue.

I enjoy reading articles of a historical nature, especially those that contain pictures from the period. It’s obvious James O’Neal spent many hours of careful research and is well versed on the subject.

In an age when trade journals tend to focus exclusively on new products and trends, it adds perspective to see where the technology evolved from and how early industry pioneers attacked the challenges of their day. I was so impressed with this article that I forwarded it to my 83-year-old father, a ham and director of the local civil defense communications relay team. I’m sure he will enjoy it also.

Dave Russell
Product Line Manager
MMW Radios
HXI Millimeter Wave Products
Harvard, Mass.


HD Coverage vs. Power

By using proven radio design concepts as a thought model, it lends credibility to the concept that a "wide-band" receiver is not usually the best concept for weak signal reception.