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A Look Inside WRMI

A photo gallery highlights the space

Once again, Russia has dropped an Iron Curtain across the flow of independent news from the West. Add the millions of Ukrainian refugees on the move and damage to the country’s infrastructure, and the need for reliable, objective information in this war zone is as pressing now as it was at the height of the Cold War.

Yesterday, we published a conversation with Jeff White, General Manager of WRMI and Secretary-Treasurer of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters, about WRMI’s pivotal role in transmitting much-needed content to Eastern Europe via shortwave radio.

Today, we have an inside look into WRMI’s broadcast space.

WRMI’s transmitter building exterior
WRMI’s satellite receive dishes
WRMI’s transmission line and antennas
WRMI’s main control room, feat. Jeff White
WRMI’s audio systems, feat. Jeff White
WRMI’s transmitter control systems
WRMI’s row of 100 kW transmitters
A view from WRMI studios

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