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Broadcast Radio Ltd. Previews Myriad 6

Also plans a new Myriad Cloud service

Broadcast Radio Ltd., formerly called P Squared Ltd., is noting its 25th anniversary with several product announcements.

First, it previewed the release of Myriad 6 software in the first quarter of 2023. The new version will be a free upgrade for existing Myriad 5 customers.

Features include native Opus audio format support for media content; external stream Media Item for including streams in playout; and non-destructive ingest, with trim and normalization applied at play time.

It also includes automated cloud backup of audio and metadata to Dropbox or One Drive, and automated bidirectional audio and metadata synch between one or more sites or Myriad 6 systems.

Myriad 6 also has a dark mode, shown below, and optional native stream encoding for web radio.

Myriad 6 software screen shot demonstrating its new Dark Mode

Commercial Director Liam Burke said the company expects to start public beta testing Myriad 6 early in the new year.

Also new will be Myriad Cloud.

“Myriad Cloud is different to the bulk of ‘cloud radio’ solutions as it does not require either a virtual machine (VM) or virtual audio devices, instead the full Myriad ecosystem runs natively in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure,” the company said. “This provides enterprise-grade resilience and elastic scalability to deliver a truly cloud based solution for professional, full-time radio stations.”

It said the cloud offering uses an audio engine that does not require physical or virtual audio devices, a “headless” core playout engine and a web interface to allow users to plan and schedule their station, voice track and present live shows.

Applications include “zero infrastructure” stations, disaster recovery and popup stations.

Last, Broadcast Radio said Myriad 6 and Myriad Cloud “can be combined to offer a new hybrid radio solution that blends traditional, studio-based playout with cloud-based radio with automated content synchronization and smooth transitions between local and cloud playout.”

It expects that this kind of “agile approach” to radio workflow is going to become more important and popular.