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Broadcast Radio Rolls Out Its New Releases

Myriad Playout 6 and Myriad Cloud Radio are now available

Broadcast Radio Ltd. has released its latest radio software, Myriad 6 Playout, and its new native cloud radio platform, Myriad Cloud. These had been previewed late last year

New features in Myriad 6 Playout include native OPUS audio format support for media content; external stream Media Item for including streams in playout; support of extended import file formats including FLAC and OPUS; non-destructive ingest; Smart Transfer to preview smooth studio switching; and enhanced audio device management and support. 

The software also provides automated backup of audio and metadata to Dropbox or One Drive, and automated bidirectional audio and metadata synchronization between one or more sites or Myriad 6 systems. The user interface has been updated and offers selectable light and dark themes. 

The web interface Myriad Anywhere 6 received several enhancements including control over all station settings; management of categories, contents and scheduling; media reports and mass changing; advanced voice tracking; and management of supporting applications like RES, OCP and AutoImporter.

Myriad 6 Playout is available to new customers and as a free upgrade to existing Myriad 5 users.

The company also launched Myriad Cloud, a native cloud platform for professional radio stations that runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem. 

“Myriad Cloud is built using the same core DNA as Myriad Playout and offers a virtually identical feature set to its desktop cousin, but with the scalability and resilience afforded by being cloud-based,” the company said.

Possible uses include “zero infrastructure” online, SSDAB and FM stations; disaster recovery; popup or sub-brand stations; and instore and non-traditional radio applications. A seven-day trial is available.

Broadcast Radio Ltd. is based in the U.K. It was formerly called P Squared Ltd.

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