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DRM Pleased With Progress in Pakistan

Says a government mandate is nearing completion

Digital Radio Mondiale expressed satisfaction with its progress in Pakistan.

Pakistan Broadcasting Corp. requested that the government include a policy mandating that all new cars in Pakistan have DRM receivers, a policy already supported by the Ministry of Broadcasting.

The plan will be discussed for inclusion in an Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan for the coming five-year period, created by the Ministry of Industries and Production. DRM said PBC representatives will be part of the consultative body that will issue the new automotive policy.

PBC has a three-stage plan with cost estimates, for the rollout of DRM across Pakistan.

“This represents yet another major step in the already significant progress made by PBC towards the rollout of the DRM digital radio standard in both the AM as well as VHF bands in their country,” DRM wrote in an announcement.

“This policy will be a key driver for all major automobile brands and OEMs to prepare and produce line-fit DRM radios in their new cars and also to provide solutions for the after-market vehicles in Pakistan.”