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Europe’s Digital Radio Rollout 2017, Part II

This month we look at the continent’s DAB digital radio “Embracers”

GENEVA — This month, in Part II of our four-part focus of the European Broadcasting Union’s Media Intelligence Service Digital Radio Report 2017, we look at the continent’s DAB digital radio “Embracers.”

The 2017 report highlights which European countries are leading the way in the transition to digital radio, which are embracing it, countries that recently launched digital radios services and those currently without a market for digital radio. The study outlines the plans for each country in the four categories.

In addition, the report points to major developments for digital radio in Europe in areas such as technology, policy and regulation, public communications, consumer electronics and the car industry.

We published Part I (“Leaders”) in the April issue of Radio World International, and next month in our June issue, we’ll take a look at the MIS report’s “Newbies” category.

The full Digital Radio Report is available here.