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FEBC Project Uses Phillystran Guy System

Synthetic cable guys support two new AM towers

Phillystran, Kintronic, radio broadcast towers, Far East Broadcasting Company, tower suport wiresPhillystran is highlighting the selection of its products for a new two-tower AM installation in South Korea.

It said Kintronic Labs Inc. installed these towers for Far East Broadcasting Co. (FEBC) to extend the reach of its Christian programming in the area. FEBC Korea broadcasts to 13 cities in South Korea.

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“The two 210-foot, 250 W AM towers each use four Phillystran HPTG cable guys with four guy levels on each tower,” the company wrote in a press release.

“The guy configuration on both towers is the same. Located close to the sea, the towers are designed to withstand a wind speed of 220 kmph/137 mph. Each cable guy features vibration dampeners and steel pigtails to terminate and tension the lines.”

It quoted Kintronic President/CEO Tom King saying the Phillystran synthetic cable guys are a suitable choice where the sea winds would corrode steel cable guys. He highlighted the system’s polyurethane extruded jacket, saying it provides UV resistance and good weathering and dielectric properties.

Phillystran is based in Philadelphia and is part of steel wire rope manufacturer WireCo WorldGroup.

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