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Radio Colosal Installs Sender Transmitter in Ambato

Solid-state unit replaces an 18-year-old tube model

From the Who’s Buying What page:

Radio Colosal 1040 AM in Ambato, Ecuador, has installed a new Sender AM 15.000 SS solid-state transmitter.

The station, call sign HCGB6, is operating at 5 kW, though the transmitter can put out 14 kW. The new unit replaces a tube-type transmitter dating to 2005.

Station Manager Ramón Salazar Trujillo said, “We are proud to offer a better sound for all our listeners who have followed the signal of Radio Colosal 1040 AM since 1974, when it was founded by Ramón Salazar Carrera.”

He said local radio has faced difficulties through the pandemic but that an improved signal should help the station stand out in an environment where the FM dial is “saturated” with some 50 stations, while there are only eight AMs in the city.

Shown are engineers Alejandro Olea and Bastian Cerna of Sender BIS of Chile, who did the installation, which also included a new Orban processor.