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RMF Launches New Station for Ukrainian Refugees

FM station was approved and began operating in just 30 hours

An unidentified presenter in the Radio RMF Ukraina studio as posted to the station’s Facebook page.

Just 30 hours after the idea was developed, RMF Ukraina began broadcasting on FM from Przemyślu, Poland, which is about 6 miles from the border with Ukraine.

The station was launched on Mar. 2 by RMF Grupa, part of the Bauer Media Group and the largest radio group in Poland.

“The Office of Electronic Communications immediately selected the frequency and issued approval for temporary broadcasting, which was agreed to by the KRRiT chairman. We are also very grateful to Emiel, which prepared the broadcasting station from which the program is broadcast within a few hours,” stated Andrzej Mielimonka, president of Multimedia Sp. z.o.o., which oversees the RMF Maxxx network.

From Przemyślu, the station can reach people queuing to cross the border with information in Ukrainian and English about procedures for entering Poland, sources for assistance, healthcare, and job opportunities. The station does not carry advertising.

Public service broadcaster Polskie Radio is also working to reach displaced Ukrainians on both sides of the border. The broadcaster’s international service has long produced Ukrainian-language programming, which is distributed online and via longwave. It also has added real-time transmissions from UA: Ukrainian Radio’s first channel to its DAB multiplexes across the country.