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Spotify Expands AI-Based “DJ” Feature

The personalization feature is now coming to the U.K. and Ireland

Promotional image for Spotify DJ from the company website.
Promotional image for Spotify DJ from the company website.

Spotify is expanding the availability of its new AI-based “DJ” feature.

First introduced in February, DJ is now rolling out in beta form to Spotify Premium users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The company describes it as “a personalized AI guide that understands you and your music taste so well that it does the choosing for you. … At its core, DJ is all about connection and discovery”

The tool combines Spotify’s personalization technology, generative AI from OpenAI and a dynamic AI voice.

“While we’ve seen fans across the globe asking for DJ, it was most commonly requested by users on social media in the U.K. and Ireland,” Spotify said in a blog post, citing social media activity.

It said that when users in the U.K. and Ireland tune in, “they will be greeted by a stunningly realistic AI voice, modeled after Spotify’s own Head of Cultural Partnerships Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan. Plus, they’ll be served songs and context geared towards them.”

Spotify also said that when DJ listeners hear commentary alongside personal music recommendations, “they’re more willing to try something new (or listen to a song they may have otherwise skipped).” So far, it added, Gen Z and Millennials make up 87% of DJ users.

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