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U.K. Digital Listening Zeroes in on 50 Percent

Data from Q2 2017 indicates 48.7 percent share for digital listening

The 50 percent threshold for digital listening is in sight according to the most recent data from Rajar. Data gathered from Q2 2017 shows that listening via a digital platform now has a 48.7 percent share in the United Kingdom, a percentage share growth of 7.5 percent from Q2 2016’s 45.3 percent.

The digital reach extends to 33 million people now, 61.2 percent of the population, including 1.5 million new adults that are now listening on a digital platform.

Online/apps are the fastest growing digital listening platform with growth at 9.1 percent in hours, representing 8.8 percent share of all radio and 18 percent of digital listening. The majority of digital listening is still through DAB digital radio, which now represents 34.5 percent share of all radio listening and 71 percent of digital.

Digital listening is occurring among all age groups, as four age groups have a digital share of more than 50 percent (10–14, 15–24, 35–44, 45–54). Digital listening across 10–64 year olds combined is also more than 50 percent (50.8 percent).

In addition, digital listening for commercial and BBC radio is also nearing 50 percent, at 49.4 percent and 48 percent respectively. National stations saw their digital listening hours increase to 57.3 percent, while local stations are now at 33.5 percent.

Finally, according to the report, in car digital listening is another area that continues to grow, increasing 20 percent year-over-year, hitting 29.7 percent. More than 700,000 cars in the U.K. now have DAB digital radio as the standard, helping to contribute to 38 percent of all digital listening hourly growth.