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WorldDAB Releases DAB Infographic

Offers overview of DAB receiver sales, coverage and household penetration for Europe and Asia Pacific

WorldDAB has published the latest version of its infographic, which provides information on DAB receiver sales as well as coverage and household penetration for markets in Europe and Asia Pacific up to the end of 2016.

According to the findings, more than 53 million receivers (including automotive line-fit) have been sold worldwide; the number of new cars being fitted with digital radio as standard is rising with Norway (98 percent), the United Kingdom (87 percent) and Switzerland (66 percent) leading the way; DAB coverage continues to grow: In Norway it stands at 99.7 percent, Switzerland at 99.5 percent, Denmark at 98 percent, the U.K at 97 percent, Germany at 96 percent and the Netherlands at 95 percent.

In addition, the infographic, which highlights 23 countries with DAB services, shows progression in emerging markets. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Kuwait, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Indonesia.

The full report is available here.