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Belar Provides Modulation Monitor to Minnesota Public Radio

System designed to help with RF networking and HD diversity delay

The St. Cloud/Collegeville network of Minnesota Public Radio has gotten a hand with aligning its FM and HD Radio programming signals from Belar’s FMHD-1 modulation monitor. KNSR(FM) and KSJR(FM) installed the monitor to help with issues including time alignment, limited remote connectivity options and hardware failures.

The FMHD-1 uses Belar Automatic Delay correction software and works in combination with Orban Optimod audio processing to handle HD diversity delay by adjusting the eight-second time delay automatically. The ADC software continuously measures the signal error and communicates the necessary adjustment to the delay line in the Optimod.

The FMHD-1 also features Automated Channel Scanning software that allows it to monitor both stations from a single system. The system switches between the two stations’ Optimod systems every five minutes to perform a time alignment check, according to Darwin Stinton, the network radio engineer.