FCC Reaffirms New Net Neutrality Rules

Nice try there, AT&T
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WASHINGTON�Nice try there, AT&T.

The FCC has stated that it will not reconsider the part of its net neutrality plan that classifies the Internet as a public utility. The agency �said its classification of fixed and mobile broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service falls well within its statutory authority and is consistent with Supreme Court precedent. Classifying mobile broadband as a telecommunications service means that the FCC can regulate it under the Communications Act of 1934,� according torcrwireless.com.

The new net neutrality rules are scheduled to go in to effect on June 12, assuming no other legal proceedings get in the way.� TheCTIAand AT&T are principle organizations in a wireless industry group that had petitioned the FCC to delay the new rules pending a judicial review. �


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The End of Net Neutrality? Not So Fast

The commission must still finalize the wording of the order to repeal net neutrality rules and then it must obtain approval from both the Office of Management and Budget and Government Accountability Office

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Net Neutrality Fight Heats Up

Montana and New York governors recently signed executive orders declaring that telecom providers with state contracts must abide by net neutrality principles

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FCC's Net Neutrality Vote Scheduled for Feb. 26

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is expected to release a report this week outlining recommendations on the net neutrality debate—including whether or not the Commission should implement the so-called ‘title II'' oversight—which would define internet access as a public utility