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FCC Reconsidering 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi Technical Rules

Taking petitions from wireless internet service providers and car manufacturers

ALEXANDRIA, Va.�In recent years the FCC has made a number of tweaks to the rules governing use of an unlicensed band at 5.8 GHz, including a combination of the digital modulation and Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) guidelines. But only two years after putting the combined rule into effect, the CommLawBlog (run by the law firm Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth) highlights how many are looking to change it once again.

Since the 2014 launch of the combined rule, seven petitions for reconsideration have been turned in to the Commission. Among those who submitted petitions were wireless internet service providers (WISP), vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, per CommLawBlog. The WISPs were concerned the new out-of-band emissions limits were too low, and vehicle manufacturers feared that the new rules would allow others to infringe on its Dedicated Short Range Communications radio service that was established in 2004, but the remains unused.

CommLawBlog reported this past March the FCC issued another revision, but still vehicle manufacturers were not satisfied and want limits rolled back to the original U-NII values. Some WISPs also are seeking more revisions, but for a different U-NII band at 5.2 GHz.

Currently, both petitions are out for public comment with due dates set for June 23 for comments and July 5 for replies. To submit your views, clickhere.

For more information, read the full CommLawBlog post.�