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FCC Publishes MX Application List for New NCE FMs

There are 231 mutually exclusive groups

FCC, Federal Communications CommissionThe FCC’s Media Bureau has published the list of mutually exclusive applications submitted in the recent window for new noncom educational FM stations.

The commission received almost 1,300 applications. Out of those, there are 231 MX groups with a total of 883 applications. They are listed here.

Now comes the 60-day period in which MX applicants can reach settlement agreements and file them with the FCC, and/or submit technical amendments to resolve conflicts.

The bureau also dismissed 13 MX applications that had “numerous significant and egregious technical defects.” Each applicant has an opportunity to ask for reconsideration.

It said it will expedite the processing of all complete and rule-compliant settlement agreements and technical amendments that are filed by Jan. 28, 2022. Applicants in MX groups that have not submitted settlements or technical amendments during this period will then proceed to a comparative analysis.

All the procedures are spelled out in the FCC’s announcement.