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Louisville Public Media Aims to Raise $7M in Campaign

Renovation plans include updates to the newsroom, lobby, performance studio, on-air studios and staff offices

LOUISVILLE, Ky.� Kentucky-based nonprofit Louisville Public Media has publically launched a $7 million capital campaign in order to raise funds for renovations, technology upgrades and programming investments.

According to a press release announcing the initiative, LPM has already raised $5.25 million � three-quarters of its goal for the �Raise Your Voice� campaign. The on-air phase will be held June 13-18.

LPM is the umbrella organization for 89.3 WFPL News, Classical 90.5, 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.

�The capital campaign will help to fund an urgently needed renovation of our historic downtown facility and make it an even better community resource for the digital age,� Louisville Public Media�s President and General Manager Donovan Reynolds, who characterized the current facility at 619 S. Fourth St. as �bursting at the seams,� said in the announcement.

The plans include updates to the newsroom, lobby, performance studio, on-air studios and staff offices. Additionally, LPM wants to acquire new soundboards, microphones and decks in the studios and upgrade its music library. Architects Luckett & Farley have been hired to design and execute the renovation, which is slated to begin in July of this year and end in January 2017.�

In addition to changes to the organization�s infrastructure, the campaign will invest in content and outreach, including hiring new staff members; a full-time education programs manager and a visual media producer both recently joined the staff. The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting was established as a result of this campaign, and WFPL News added reporters covering the economy and community health.

LPM also redesigned the WFPL News website and created new mobile apps 89.3 WFPL and 91.9 WFPK, as well as a Louisville Public Media streaming app that enables users to access the various LPM stations.