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Pilot Radio Guide Showcases Content Based on Genre and Location

In-car selections made via voice commands

A new app developed by NAB Pilot, known as the Pilot Radio Guide allows users to select stations they would prefer to listen to by location and genre on their smartphone, and then project those preferences into an SmartDeviceLink-enabled car. Once in the car, the app runs on the digital dashboard and selections are made via voice command. The app was developed to demonstrate hybrid radio technology, which uses both over-the-air and mobile broadband connectivity.

David Layer, vice president, Advanced Engineering for NAB, said that the Pilot Radio Guide was developed during an automotive app “hackathon.”

“These events are sponsored by automotive industry participants, and are designed to demonstrate the power of radio to automakers and developers. They are also intended to get app developers excited about the digital dashboard and the possibilities of the connected car. The apps which are developed during these ‘hackathons’ are experimental in nature, and may, or may not lead to products which are sold to consumers.”

Layer added that this most recent hackathon that Pilot participated in was the first-ever SmartDeviceLink event sponsored by the SDL Consortium and held in conjunction with Mobile World Congress Americas. SDL is an open-platform technology that many automakers are using to bring the smartphone app experience into the car.