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WZZY Hacked, Broadcasts Zombie Warning in Indiana

This was decidedly not a drill

WINCHESTER, Ind. � Poor cybersecurity practices has made yet another radio station a news subject.�

WZZY(FM)�s firewall was breached, according toWTHR, and its unnamed��broadcast system� was hacked. Subsequently, the station broadcast fake alerts about a zombie attack and an outbreak of disease.�

Several stations owned byRodgers Broadcasting Corp.were also reportedly affected by the hack. Other Rodgers stations include: WFMG(FM), WIFE(FM), WKBV(AM) and WLPK(AM), but it is unclear, which stations, if any, were affected.

The timing of the broadcasts is unclear, but the Randolph County Homeland Security and Emergency Management office and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security learned about it last Wednesday.

Radio reached out to WZZY and to the Indiana Association of Broadcasters for more details but did not receive a response.

The U.S. House of Representatives also introduced threecybersecurity billsthis week, which if passed, may help to address or prevent these kinds of attacks in the future.

Broadcasters looking to brush up on their own cybersecurity best practices should add Jeff Welton�s Broadcast Engineering Conference session to their schedules. He will address �Safety and Security at the Transmitter Site� on April 26 from 10:30�11 a.m. Many other cybersecurity sessions will also likely be of interest.